Saturday, June 30, 2012

Simple Saturday Morning Breakfast

I love lazy Saturday mornings! Almost as much as lazy Saturday mornings, I love breakfast, specifically fixing breakfast. My weekday mornings are hectic...I'm one of those annoying chicks that hits the snooze button a minimum of 3 times. I get my tail up with exactly 47 minutes to shower and make myself runway ready {a feat with unlimited minutes!} so needless to say, most weekday mornings barely consist of coffee and yogurt. So, when we have a lazy Saturday morning I like to fix breakfast.

I had some left over sausage in the fridge (from my first attempt at meatballs with spaghetti) and I always have crescent rolls on hand, all I needed was some cream cheese--bingo! I had that too! This concoction comes from my sister, Kiki, who loves breakfast as much as I do, specifically, sausage.

Without further adieu...

Kiki's Simple Sausage Crescents

1/4 lb sausage
1/2 block cream cheese
1 tube crescent rolls

Brown sausage. Mix in cream cheese. Use pizza cutter to cut crescent rolls in half. Add spoonful of sausage mixture to "fat" end of crescent and roll up. Continue this until all crescents are used. Bake at 375 for 8-10 minutes.

**EDIT. I apologize for the picture issues, and them being out of order, blogger for iPhone stinks!**

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Oops = freebie for one chickadee!

Okay chickadees, we made an "uh-oh" in the studio. This pink bunny lovie is perfect, we stitch Addie's name in a different color than her mama ordered. Be the first to comment with your contact info and we'll send you this lovie for F-R-E-E! Happy hump day, chicks!