Tuesday, March 29, 2011

i have a hunch

My hunch is that Blue Eyed Bride's Straw Tumbler Giveaway will ending very, very soon....if you haven't made your way over to her fantastic slice of the blogosphere, do so.  Now.  And while you're there, enter to win one of 3 Personalized Straw Tumblers we'll be giving away.  There is also a discount code that will be active until the end of March hiding away in her giveaway post, snag it up and shop, shop, shop!

Monday, March 28, 2011

pre-order your white ruffle robe now

Happy Monday, chickadees!  
I am as excited as y'all are about the White Ruffle Robe.  I had emails and twitter messages asking about one of the newest additions to our shop as pictured in our trunk show recap post.
Here's the deal. 
* They are limited edition... we've ordered a couple dozen and aren't sure if we'll get any more than that.  
*  We expect them to arrive around May 1st.
* I am currently taking pre-orders.  If you want to put your name (literally & no pun intended) on one of these little gems email me {sarah @ monogramchick.com} and we'll discuss the deets to ensure you are one of the first to have our Ruffle Robe.

I think pearls are a must-wear accessory with this robe, don't you?!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Trunk Show {A Photo Recap}

We had the best time this past weekend!  Not just because I was able to visit my mama and dad but also because we had a great time showing off all the new {and old} Monogram Chick goodies.  Here is a pictoral recap for those that couldn't make it...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Monogram Chick Giveaway @ Blue Eyed Bride

Good Monday morning, chickadees!  What a great weekend we had.  Dr. Chick and I booked it to Florida for a Mongoram Chick Trunk Show.  We had a great time and so appreciate all those that came to shop and visit.
In other, equally exciting, news.....my blog friend, Blue Eyed Bride, is being ever so sweet (actually, she is always super sweet) and offering her readers {3 of them, to be exact} the chance to win a Personalized Straw Tumbler.  

If you've never read BEB's blog, now is a great time to start.  She is 31 weeks preggo with her second peanut and always has something interesting and real to share with her readers.  She is one of my daily reads and I can't wait to see what she'll share...from funny stories to personal confessions, she's great!
Check out her little piece of cyber space and enter to win a Monogram Chick Personalized Straw Tumbler!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lakeland Trunk Show Tomorrow!

My bags are packed, all the samples are stitched and I'm on the road to my parent's house in Lakeland, Florida for Monogram Chick's {somewhat} Annual Trunk Show.  I always have a great time with those that hang out & shop with us and I am espcially looking forward to this years's show.  For the first time, some items will be available for next day pick up including our super popular Straw Tumblers, Recipe Boxes & Preppy Travel Mugs to name a few.

Anyone in the area is welcome to join us!  If you need the location/directions email me (sarah @ monogramchick.com) and I'll hook you up with all the deets!

Now is the perfect time to shop for Graduation, Mother's Day, Easter & Summer Fun!  Can't wait to see y'all there.

Friday 3:30-6:30
Saturday 9:00-12:00

Thursday, March 10, 2011


So the hubs and I are laughing our heads off tonight. We've never really watched abc's Wipe Out and at the expense of those poor contestants we're laughing until our bellies hurt.  Rarely do we stray outside of Dr. Chick's trifecta of stations (history, discovery, tlc) however, we find ourselves laughing out loud at not only the contestants but also the commentary of the "hosts" as each contestant found themselves plunging into muddy waters and flying over padded bars in an effort to win the green.

I think we all need a little mindless entertainment every once in awhile, don't you?  What is your favorite show or your go-to for mindless entertainment?

{As an aside...this is not my favorite show.  Not even close.  One of my new favorites is Modern Family; thanks to Kiki & Coco.  While with them this past weekend we watched 4 episodes...in a row.  At one point I was laughing so hard tears were rolling down my face.  Definitely a show I recommend.  And then there is one of my old favorites: The Good Wife.}

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dr. Chick is Blowing out the Candles Today

Happy Birthday to my best friend, my buddy, my "Only One" ..... Dr. Chick!

You are my favorite friend, and best adventurer.  Happy, Happy Day!
I love you.