Thursday, February 25, 2010

Monogram Etiquette {Part 1}

About this time every year the Monogram Chick studio tele is buzzing off the hook with questions about appropriate monogram order.  It seems that lately the questions circle around the newer, more modern combined monogram.

Boy and girl meet, boy and girl get married, boy and girl have a new joint monogram.

Traditionally the male monogram (first, middle, last) goes on glass ware and the female monogram (first, last, middle) is adorned on linens.  We're in a new time, chickadees, and things are 'a changin'.  It is often common to add the married couples monogram to kitchen and bath towels, bar ware, stationery and just about anything else that looks fab with a monogram.

The joint monogram is new and different, a child of gen-x therefore, has no real rules.  Typically, the female's initial fits nicely on the left, with the male's on the right and their married last name initial situated perfectly in the center.  However, not one to conform, the combined monogram does not always follow these rules and the male initial often finds itself on the left with the female's initial on the right.  One thing remains constant, the married last name initial presents itself large and in charge in the center.

So really, the nuts and bolts of the combined monogram:  there are no rules...female initial on the left or right, it doesn't so much matter and is up to you.

Have other pressing monogram etiquette questions?  Leave a comment and we'll add your query to Part 2.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pack Your Bag for St. Lucia're our Monogrammed Duffel Bag Giveaway WINNER!

Email me (sarah @ and we'll personalized your bag so you can start packing!
Thanks to all 234 commenters...holy blog traffic, chickadees!

Keep checking back, more giveaways....very, very soon!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sister Chick is having a.....


That's right, the chicklet that will be arriving in July is sporting the male goods.  Kiki and Coco are thrilled, not surprisingly, we've already been shopping for adorable baby boy goodies.  Of course, this means that there will be new baby items on the website....nothing like a nephew for added inspiration.  So, this begs the question: What do baby chicks need that Monogram Chick doesn't carry?  
I'm asking y'all, what do we need to add to Monogram Chick in the baby department?  This is Kiki's first, we need your input!

Don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY!  You still have a day and a half to enter to win a Monogrammed Weekend Duffel; our best giveaway yet!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Giveaway!

It's no secret I've been yearning for the beach. I want to stick my frozen toes in the sand and soak up the sun. In the spirit of travel and getting away I thought it was high time for a giveaway. It seems as though it's been ages since we've done one of these....the time is right, the time is now and it's a B-I-G One!

Any one of these bags could be sporting your name or monogram, packed in a car, plane, or train headed for fun.
This is our biggest giveaway yet; our monogrammed weekend duffel sells for $58!

Here are the deets:

~Leave a comment with the bag color you'd chose if you're the winner.
~Tell us for where you'd pack this glorious bag (mine would be St. Maarten bound)
~If you don't have a blog or webpage linked to your username leave an email {pretty please}
~Grab the graphic, add it to your blog, telling the blogosphere about the AWESOME GIVEAWAY MonogramChick is hosting
~Tell your bloggy friends to tell me that you sent them and you'll be entered an additional time for each friend you send!
~Giveaway ends Wednsesday, February17th at noon!

*entries made without bag color and destination will not be eligible to win*

**Giveaway is now closed**

Friday, February 5, 2010

New Duffels at Monogram Chick!

As winter is closing in on us here in Georgia, I am dreaming of being here:

Toasty sand in my toes, the sound of waves lapping the beach and the warm sun shining down on my winter blues. Any beach will do, the Caribbean would be nice, but not totally necessary.

To get there I would pack in this {the pink one, with a fuchsia monogram, to be specific}:

Just enough space for the weekend essentials and I'm set, heading to the coast ready for the sand, sun and fun.

Where are you dreaming of escaping to this winter? Which NEW Monogram Chick Duffel color is your fave?