Friday, February 5, 2010

New Duffels at Monogram Chick!

As winter is closing in on us here in Georgia, I am dreaming of being here:

Toasty sand in my toes, the sound of waves lapping the beach and the warm sun shining down on my winter blues. Any beach will do, the Caribbean would be nice, but not totally necessary.

To get there I would pack in this {the pink one, with a fuchsia monogram, to be specific}:

Just enough space for the weekend essentials and I'm set, heading to the coast ready for the sand, sun and fun.

Where are you dreaming of escaping to this winter? Which NEW Monogram Chick Duffel color is your fave?


flip flops and pearls said...

HEY FRIEND!!!!! I AM BACK!! I updated my blog, lol....I think Hell has frozen over! I have missed you!! Hope all is well in HotLanta!! Awesome news abt your sister.....that is going to be one baby that will have STYLE!!
Have a blessed weeken!! XXOO

紅包 said...
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The Crocker's said...

The green is fabulous :)