Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I &hearts shoes

I went to Target after leaving the Chick studio last night.  I thoroughly enjoyed strolling around with my fountain DC perusing the aisles before heading home to watch Glee.

I always scope the shoe section at Target; last night I scored!  

Lately, my go to pair of shoes are these gems (literally).

Jessica Simpson Lepolia in tan/brown {Amazon $69}

While in Birmingham last weekend it was all I could do to keep myself from taking home the Black Patent version.  On a side note, I was in Birmingham with Kiki for a Click Workshop Photography Class.  I cannot say enough about how great the class was!  I learned so much.  Being a photography junkie and having taken classes in college (pre-digital age), I thought I knew a good bit.  I feel like a new woman behind the camera!  I highly recommend the Click Workshop if you're in the Birmingham or Atlanta area.  Lori and Jody offer classes in both locations.

Anyway, after the class we hit the Summit and I did not go home with said patent shoes.

Which, brings me back to Target.  Last night.  When I stumbled upon these!

 Mossimo Black Voneta Snip-Toe Flats {Target}

 Y'all!  These were a mere $24.99.  Shut up!
I know what you're thinking.  The Target version can't be as great....they ARE!  I had to take a side-by-side to show y'all.

I love a great deal!  What have you scored lately at Target?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

All About the Bag Tag

I played tennis in high school.  My dad's advise was to stay quiet and not talk to my opponent.  He said if I talked to them, I became to chummy and lost my competitive edge.  I think with age and maturity that competitive edge has blossomed.  I've been back into tennis for about 2 months now and have played on a USTA team in the evenings.  I quickly learned that on the tennis courts you're nothing without a cute outfit bag tag (or 10).  The bag tag is the mark of a winner.

{Picture of bag tag should be here, but I don't have mine yet nor, could I find a pic online.  boo.}

Well chickadees, I'm sportin' a bag tag!!!  Our team won our division and last night we played the finals to earn a place at the state championship.  For those you of that are familiar with tennis and the scoring, Peggy and I played line 2.  We won the first set 7-5, the second set went to a tie breaker-we lost  6-7, then we played a 10 point tie breaker to decide the game.  We won the tie breaker 10-2, winning the match! All 3 lines were awesome giving our team the win.

Y'all, I'm feeling it today!  Those ladies ran my fanny all over that was a blast!!  I have a  LONG way to go and a lot to learn but am having so much fun.  Here is a picture of the ladies from our team that played last night (there are 14 of us total and only 6 play each night) including our team member and great friend, Alicia , that cheered us on through it all.

We're headed to State!

Of course, throughout the match I used my Personalized Tennis Towel since I tend to sweat buckets glisten during play.

And since I'm high on our win, I'm thinking a sale is in order.  Now, through the end of the month, tennis towels are 10% off!

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Raccoon is Mad

I love imagining the lovies as having little personalities of their own.  I like to think of them sitting on the shelf in the chick studio surrounded by the the dark in the middle of the night having conversations and tea parties {I'm a dweeb.  I'm ok with that}.  So when I realized that I'd forgotten to introduce Mr. Raccoon to my chickadees, I could imagine him huffing off in disgust, feeling jealous of Mr. Cow's debut.  Well, Raccoon, today's your day.  It is your turn to shine.  You're super cute and the spotlight is all yours.

Obviously, this little man is attached to his Raccoon lovie.

Thank you, Grayson, for being such a great little model (and for being so hooked on your lovie)!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


We've put some serious miles on the monogrammed sedan in the last few months, burning up I-20 between the Georgia state line and Birmingham.  It's no secret I have a major crush on this little man....
I mean really, look at those cheeks!  They get yummier and yummier by the week.  It is really hard to do anything productive whilst in his presence.  Pretty much all I desire to do is this....
Seriously?  Shut up!  Look at that sweet little face.  Sleeping on my shoulder.  I lap it up.  Like a pathetic puppy.  I am glue in Parker's hands.  If only he knew.

Because I need a tax write off pictures of Monogram Chick products, we do have to get a little work done while in the 'ham. It is a good thing Master P is such a great little model.  And it is a really great thing that he adores his lovies.  Kiki has officially started a collection.  I believe this 12 week old already has 3 personalized lovies.

The monkey has long been one of my favorite of the lovies.
However, I am having to make room in my heart for the cow.  Mr. Cow is brand new to Monogram Chick, and he is fitting in quite nicely with our other security blankets.  Seriously, could this newbie be any cuter?
Actually, yes.  Yes.  He can be cuter.  In the pudgey, sleeping arms of this fella.
Which is your favorite lovie, cause I'm having a hard time deciding.  I'm not having a hard time deciding when I'll see the little mister again....just 8 more days!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Preppy Project Unveiled! The Conclusion...

Dr. Chick again here. 

Ok bloggettes,  I see I got only one comment from my last post :(  (so sad)!  
But anywhoooo :) 

Here is the finished project,  it is the valence for "Master P", our nephew, Parker's new room.  It was super simple to assemble because we had Lowes cut the wood to the right size for us and then all we had to do was assemble it with some screws.  The ladies (MonogramChick and Kiki) covered it with batting and fabric then attached the "piece de la resitance"..... the monogram!  Everything looks better with a monogram right??  The monogrammed "button" is a round piece of styrofoam from Michael's covered with more batting & fabric on which MonogramChick had done her thing.  Well, I hope everyone likes it! 

Dr. Chick signing out!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Preppy Project Almost Forgotten... But Now Resurfaces!!

Dr. Chick here.... WARNING: This post will not have the usual wit and polish that most of you are used to from the MonogramChick. I am working on arranging my photos and just ran across this set of preppy goodness on my photo card ;).

Ok, fellow bloggers this was one of those surprise preppy projects that I became "invited to help with" when visiting Kiki and Coco before the birth of Master P!

Well, I must admit I do enjoy light construction, but this is a bit outside of my normal line of work...

So here are the collecting the goods photos... Can anyone guess what the final product will be??

Even in HD, you must have a nice bag!!  I think Kiki could fit a full sheet of plywood in that thing!

The Foreman
The Engineer!
In Our Own Minds :)

My Job, Cargo Loader Extraordinaire!

Please place guesses in the comments.  I will post the final preppy goodness photos soon!