Saturday, September 4, 2010

Preppy Project Almost Forgotten... But Now Resurfaces!!

Dr. Chick here.... WARNING: This post will not have the usual wit and polish that most of you are used to from the MonogramChick. I am working on arranging my photos and just ran across this set of preppy goodness on my photo card ;).

Ok, fellow bloggers this was one of those surprise preppy projects that I became "invited to help with" when visiting Kiki and Coco before the birth of Master P!

Well, I must admit I do enjoy light construction, but this is a bit outside of my normal line of work...

So here are the collecting the goods photos... Can anyone guess what the final product will be??

Even in HD, you must have a nice bag!!  I think Kiki could fit a full sheet of plywood in that thing!

The Foreman
The Engineer!
In Our Own Minds :)

My Job, Cargo Loader Extraordinaire!

Please place guesses in the comments.  I will post the final preppy goodness photos soon!


Preppy Girl Meets World said...

My guess is building a toy chest for the baby.

By the way did you ever figure out if you have a case that would work as a camera case for me? Thanks!

Susan said...

Maybe shelves and organizers in the new closet?