Thursday, September 16, 2010

All About the Bag Tag

I played tennis in high school.  My dad's advise was to stay quiet and not talk to my opponent.  He said if I talked to them, I became to chummy and lost my competitive edge.  I think with age and maturity that competitive edge has blossomed.  I've been back into tennis for about 2 months now and have played on a USTA team in the evenings.  I quickly learned that on the tennis courts you're nothing without a cute outfit bag tag (or 10).  The bag tag is the mark of a winner.

{Picture of bag tag should be here, but I don't have mine yet nor, could I find a pic online.  boo.}

Well chickadees, I'm sportin' a bag tag!!!  Our team won our division and last night we played the finals to earn a place at the state championship.  For those you of that are familiar with tennis and the scoring, Peggy and I played line 2.  We won the first set 7-5, the second set went to a tie breaker-we lost  6-7, then we played a 10 point tie breaker to decide the game.  We won the tie breaker 10-2, winning the match! All 3 lines were awesome giving our team the win.

Y'all, I'm feeling it today!  Those ladies ran my fanny all over that was a blast!!  I have a  LONG way to go and a lot to learn but am having so much fun.  Here is a picture of the ladies from our team that played last night (there are 14 of us total and only 6 play each night) including our team member and great friend, Alicia , that cheered us on through it all.

We're headed to State!

Of course, throughout the match I used my Personalized Tennis Towel since I tend to sweat buckets glisten during play.

And since I'm high on our win, I'm thinking a sale is in order.  Now, through the end of the month, tennis towels are 10% off!


Kat said...

It most certainly IS all about the bag tag! Congrats, those are not easy to come by, good luck at State. How exciting!!!! I play ALTA year round, tennis is a major love of mine!!! I just might have to buy one of those cute towels!!!

in the creek said...

I'm excited to play with you Sunday! We're gonna kick butt!

flip flops and pearls said...


I just took my towel that you made me out of the dryer:) Always makes me think of you!!

So glad your playing....we need to be closer!!!

Congrats on state!