Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Spill It

Y'all know we love us some cosmetic bags here at Monogram Chick and we've added to our floral cosmetic bag collection.  I am so excited about the newest bag! 

Introducing the Silver Floral Cosmetic Bag.  Isn't it great?!  I've been sporting this cosmetic bag in my purse for the last few days and I lurve it.  I chose light aqua for my monogram but pink, black, lilac or even silver would look terrific.

And, since I'm sharing, I thought I'd share what I keep in my csmetic bag.  Awhile ago there was a "whats in your purse" blog post going around.  One of those where you dump the contents of your purse (before cleaning it out) and share with the world what you schlep around each day. So here is a Monogram Chick version of that post..."What's in your cosmetic bag?".

I've always kept a little bag in my purse with the essentials for my life.  Lately, it is the silver cosmetic bag filled with the following goodies:

Hand Sanitizer:  can't go anwhere without it.
Lip Balm:  Palmer's Coco Butter Swivel Stick--the BEST stuff evah!
Lipstick/Lipline:  Revlon Colorstay is seriously stays on ALL DAY.
Tums: sometimes you just need a Tums, right?
Nail polish:  OPI, Vodka & Caviar
Gum:  Stride Nonstop Mint (delish)
Advil: for the times I don't have my caffeine fix
Nail File:  glass nail files rock!
Hair Clip:  for the times I'm fed up with the hair

Ok, chickadees, spill it.  Your cosmetic bags, that is.  Spill it and share them with the blog world.  Then come back here and leave a comment so we can check out your blog and your essentials.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Be Still My Heart

This little muchkin melts my heart.  This is Parker, "Master P", my newbie nephew.  He is 2 weeks old today and is absolutely preshy presherson.  I cannot wait to get my hands on him again and nuzzle his sweet little face.

Now that I'm an auntie to Kiki's bebe, I need a name.  I need an auntie name for Master P to know me by.  My question for y'all, my darling chickadees is what name to you call your aunts?  I don't want to be Aunt Sarah....I want something else, something better. I've got one name in mind, but I'm not wholeheartedly committed to it and need your help.  Pretty please?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Perks of being Sister Chick

Kiki put in an emergency call last week after bringing Master P home from the hospital.  She needed burps.  I know what you're thinking....and yes I'd given her some.  Apparently, not enough to suite her (and little mister's burping needs).  Being the doting aunt that I am I whipped up a few and a set was made!

This is The Parker Set.  Three burp cloths all with the same monogram (proper male initial order:  first, middle, last) in varying, yet coordinating colors.

What do you do for your kiddos or nieces/nephews?  I know y'all go above and beyond for the chickadees in your lives, the comments are open....brag on yourselves!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Pancreas Beware

So I was talking with my sister in law this weekend and the subject of Diet Coke came up...shocker.  She told me the best news of the week!  RaceTrac is running a special this summer.  If you buy their fancy little (20 oz) insulated cup for $7 you can refill it for F-R-E-E with any beverage of your choice through Labor Day.  That is 73 more days of free fountain Diet Coke fabulosity!!   You get to pick your lid color, I went with lime green and Dr. Chick opted for blue.  He doesn't embrace my DC habit has wholeheartedly as I might like but he has his own Frozen Coke addiction to feed; who am I to judge?

While not as stylish as my monogrammed travel mug, the RaceTrac cup allows me to throw caution to the wind and up my consumption of aspartame and my chances of cancer...but whatever.

Really, it boils down to this, a question from my sister in law:  How many times is too many to visit my friendly RaceTrac each day?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Kiki and Parker Update

Parker is here and SO STINKIN' CUTE!   Both baby and mama are doing well.  Looks like Kiki will be heading home sometime today.  Parker gets an extended stay at Brookwood Hospital with luxury accommodations in the NICU.  He has had a little trouble regulating his blood sugar so to keep an eye on the little guy they admitted him and are keeping a close eye on his levels before and after feedings.  As of late this morning he was doing well and his blood sugar levels were good.  We'll continue to pray for stabilization!  They have "P-man" (every aunt needs a nick name for her nephew right?) hooked to an IV of fluids {Kiki said last night that the fluids had really "brightened" his coloring} and since his levels have been good they will slowly wean him off the fluids starting today.

As I said, he is so amazingly are a few pictures of infant eye candy!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Parker Updates

Can be found at Kiki's blog.  I'm spending the day over there as her guest blogger.

This Could Be It!

As of 7:30 this morning the the Pitocin is a drippin'.  We've waited almost 38 weeks to meet baby Parker & the wait is almost over.  He'll be here before we know it (hopefully for Kiki's sake by the end of the day).  She packed her bags, she packed Parker's bags, she tidied the nursery and checked in at the hospital last night.  Now we wait.

Kiki was a champ a couple of weeks ago when Dr. Chick and I made the short trek to Birmingham to help put the finishing touches on the nursery.  She let me take pictures of her adorable pregnant self in the newest addition to the Monogram Chick line of personalized items "for her".   Kiki is going to look great in all of those post delivery pics as she sports her Monogrammed Hospital Gown.  Perfect for nursing and easy access for the epidural with snap closure back.  Available in pink/white polka dot and blue/white polka dot as well as sizes Small/Medium and Large/XLarge.

 We can't wait to meet the newest chicklet and I'll be certain to share photos as soon as we have them!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


So, I should have posted this yesterday but I didn't.  It is just so hard to catch up after the weekend.  Especially, after the great weekend we had!  A trip to Kiki's {photos of our nursery project coming soon--pinkie swear}as well as a very fun visit to our local Apple store (can you say ipad?!) and hanging out with terrific friends made this a full and great weekend. 

With all that being said, I know I'm late...and I apologize.  Without further rambling, the winner is:

Thanks so much, Donna, for entering the giveaway, I am so glad that my bloggy friend, Melinda {Tales from My Empty Nest} sent you over because you both win!!