Monday, June 14, 2010

This Could Be It!

As of 7:30 this morning the the Pitocin is a drippin'.  We've waited almost 38 weeks to meet baby Parker & the wait is almost over.  He'll be here before we know it (hopefully for Kiki's sake by the end of the day).  She packed her bags, she packed Parker's bags, she tidied the nursery and checked in at the hospital last night.  Now we wait.

Kiki was a champ a couple of weeks ago when Dr. Chick and I made the short trek to Birmingham to help put the finishing touches on the nursery.  She let me take pictures of her adorable pregnant self in the newest addition to the Monogram Chick line of personalized items "for her".   Kiki is going to look great in all of those post delivery pics as she sports her Monogrammed Hospital Gown.  Perfect for nursing and easy access for the epidural with snap closure back.  Available in pink/white polka dot and blue/white polka dot as well as sizes Small/Medium and Large/XLarge.

 We can't wait to meet the newest chicklet and I'll be certain to share photos as soon as we have them!


Charlotte said...

so cute!!! I LOVE the gown!!!!

Channa said...

Super cute gown! What a fun gift that would be for expecting friends!