Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Spill It

Y'all know we love us some cosmetic bags here at Monogram Chick and we've added to our floral cosmetic bag collection.  I am so excited about the newest bag! 

Introducing the Silver Floral Cosmetic Bag.  Isn't it great?!  I've been sporting this cosmetic bag in my purse for the last few days and I lurve it.  I chose light aqua for my monogram but pink, black, lilac or even silver would look terrific.

And, since I'm sharing, I thought I'd share what I keep in my csmetic bag.  Awhile ago there was a "whats in your purse" blog post going around.  One of those where you dump the contents of your purse (before cleaning it out) and share with the world what you schlep around each day. So here is a Monogram Chick version of that post..."What's in your cosmetic bag?".

I've always kept a little bag in my purse with the essentials for my life.  Lately, it is the silver cosmetic bag filled with the following goodies:

Hand Sanitizer:  can't go anwhere without it.
Lip Balm:  Palmer's Coco Butter Swivel Stick--the BEST stuff evah!
Lipstick/Lipline:  Revlon Colorstay is seriously stays on ALL DAY.
Tums: sometimes you just need a Tums, right?
Nail polish:  OPI, Vodka & Caviar
Gum:  Stride Nonstop Mint (delish)
Advil: for the times I don't have my caffeine fix
Nail File:  glass nail files rock!
Hair Clip:  for the times I'm fed up with the hair

Ok, chickadees, spill it.  Your cosmetic bags, that is.  Spill it and share them with the blog world.  Then come back here and leave a comment so we can check out your blog and your essentials.


KMW said...

I LOVE the coco butter swivel stick! I have been using them since middle school and they are almost impossible to find so I buy every single one when I find it! People are always asking me what I use and they are so surprised to find out it's a stick of $1 coco butter!!

Kiki said...

How come you have been holding out on my on this Coco Butter lip balm? Hello? Since my beauty regimen is seriously lacking these days I could use a pick me up! Where do you find this stuff?

Monogramchick said...

Ok, Kiki, I've had this stick should know this by now. Like KMW said, they are super hard to find. If you find them at CVS (wink, wink) buy them all & I will split them with ya. :)

The Taffs said...

Loving that cosmetic bag!!! I might just have to get one! : )

Amy said...

we have almost the exact same items! here's my post!

BroncoMom said...

In my cosmetic bag I have a Bobbi Brown lipgloss is raspberry. Ulta lipliner in pick. Sweet Beauty Organic Chocolate Spa lip treament.