Sunday, June 27, 2010

Perks of being Sister Chick

Kiki put in an emergency call last week after bringing Master P home from the hospital.  She needed burps.  I know what you're thinking....and yes I'd given her some.  Apparently, not enough to suite her (and little mister's burping needs).  Being the doting aunt that I am I whipped up a few and a set was made!

This is The Parker Set.  Three burp cloths all with the same monogram (proper male initial order:  first, middle, last) in varying, yet coordinating colors.

What do you do for your kiddos or nieces/nephews?  I know y'all go above and beyond for the chickadees in your lives, the comments are open....brag on yourselves!


Anonymous said...

Darling darling darling!!! Sister Chick and Master P are so lucky to have you as Auntie Chick :) Miss you, sweet friend!!

I'll be calling on you soon - with changing initials I'm sure to need lots of goods from you!

Anonymous said...
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Brooke said...

Caroline often browses the Monogram website and sends me a wish list - it usually includes your great pencil holder and something new for her backpack. Somehow she always manages to make a plug for what I should get from Monogram Chick when I "finally" have babies.