Tuesday, June 7, 2011

houndstooth anyone?

SERIOUSLY, y'all I'm giddy with excitement!  Monogram Chick now has patterned decals!  Add aqua houndstooth to your tumbler, pink zebra to you car, or preppy plaid to your keychain.

Time to shop, chickadees!  Patterned decals are available n-o-w!

Patterns Include:
Aqua Houndstooth
Black Houndstooth
Crimson Houndstooth
Black/White Zebra
Fuchsia/White Zebra
Orange/Blue Zebra
Preppy Pink Plaid
Green/White Polka Dot
Red/Black Polka Dot

Don't see what you're looking for?  Custom patterns available, simply email me!  (sarah @ monogramchick.com)


Hive for the Home said...

Holyfantasticnessbatman!!! I must needs some green polka in my cup holder!!

Kiki said...

Too cute! LOVE them.