Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Remember When...

We welcomed this little p-nut to the world?!

Parker, June 2010

 It is hard to believe that he is now a running, jumping, climbing, talking ball of all out energy!

Parker, December 2012

We spent a portion of the Christmas holiday in Florida with my parents (Honey and G-da), Kiki, Coco and Parker.  We had a blast and I was amazed how quickly time flies and how much fun Master P is as a "little man".  Just look how he's grown!

Parker & "Sissy" opening presents.  
I just love that my "aunt name" is Sissy!

Such a big boy, who is so independent.

 Parker and "Doc" playing on the iPad.  
Crazy how a 2 1/2 year old can navigate that thing!

 Who can resist this blonde haired, blue eyed cutie?!

 Parker and Daddy, two peas in a pod.

"Cookin'!" with mom & honey.

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Kiki said...

So much fun! We love Sissy and Doc!