Tuesday, June 10, 2008

From Boys to Men

Whether a little one or a big one, recently I have tried to add products for the men in our lives. It is easier to find and fun to find personalized items for the little guys but a little more difficult to find items for those older boys. Please feel free to suggest more items that you would like for your men or boys. Here are a few recent Monogramchick creations:

The first item is one of the more popular manly items that I have added recently. I have always had keyrings and moneyclips, but this travel mug is a new fun addition for me. For the manly colored backgrouds I have the black that is pictured and I have a fun silver that looks a lot like duct tape (Don't all men love duct tape?)!! Of course, we have tons of preppy fabrics for the ladies as well!!

Now for a few things for the men that cause us less headaches....

This high quality blanket is blue and white pindot pattern. These blankets are truly a great gift for a newborn! This is an item that will be around long after the dirty diapers and formula are gone and forgotten. A great shower gift!!

Every little boy loves a puppy. Let them have their own "best friend" early with this puppy dog blankie. This has been a MonogramChick poduct for a long time but I thought this one was cute enough for the blog!!

Last, but not least why let anyone doubt what your little bundle of energy and joy is going to grow up to be. This is a long sleeved t-shirt but short sleeved is availible as well. I think adding a name would have been great but in this case the client was unsure of the spelling. This product is not on monogramchick.com as of right now but it is in my ebay store here or just email me!!

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ChelseaMarie said...

I just wondered across your blog and I must say that the "future prince charming" shirt is adorable. I hope you do not mind if I add you to my daily reads!