Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tagged, I'm It!

Thanks to Kappa Prep, I found a great new blogger friend, Nina. Nina tagged me for a little bloggy fun. Check out Nina's blog, she is super cute, preppy, and so talented! Thanks Nina, for the tag, here goes:

7 Wierd/Random Facts About Me:

1. I must wear socks to bed, without them I don't sleep.

2. I L-O-V-E Diet Coke specifically fountain Diet Coke. I don't drink Diet Coke from a can or bottle. I am partial to McDonald's fountain Diet Cokes, they taste better than any other fountain I've found, really. I also am an ice snob. The Great American Cookie Co and Sonic have the best ice. If you could combine their ice with MickyD's Diet Coke, I'd be in heaven.

3. I live in Iowa but have my hair cut in Birmingham, Alabama. Strange, I know. But whenever we go home to Georgia I make a trip to Joel in Birmingham to have my hair cut. I've been with Joel since 1998 and through 4 salons!

4. I hate mouth noises. Odd that I married a dentist. {He does not make mouth noises}

5. I have lots of jeans (into the double digits) but only ever wear 3 pair of them.

6. I hoard pens, markers and good wooden pencils. I love sharpies--colorful ones, clickable ones, fine ones, really any ones.

7. I had my picture taken with Sarah Palin last week.

I Tag the follwing 7 Bloggers:


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EH said...

I love Sonic ice as well-the little pebbles are wonderful!! They will actually sell you a whole bag of their ice for $1.00-a GREAT deal in my opinion. Buy some Sonic ice, fill up your cup with the ice at home and run by McDonalds for some fountain diet coke, pour over the Sonic ice-then your in heaven!!

Rhea said...

My 11 yr old wears socks to bed, and it drives me nuts! lol So funny you do too.

I hate mouth noises too. I did medical transcription for six years for my dad who's a doctor...and he would EAT while dictating onto the I had to listen to him talking with his mouth full and making disgusting noises on the tape while trying to type. It was GROSS!

Anyway, fun facts, cool you had your picture taken with Sarah Palin! Thanks for tagging me and I'll play. :o)

Kate said...

Love these facts...sounds a lot like someone else I know, except for weird fact #1. Hmmm...wonder who that is?

Kally said...

I love it! I am an ice snob too. I agree that Sonic does have the best ice. Never thought about fountain Diet Coke tasting better although I would say fountain Sprite is AWFUL. (It tastes like dishsoap to me. Yuck!)

Kappa Prep said...

I hoard sharpies too! I have far too many. So glad you found Nina, isn't she the greatest!?

UGAprepster said...

That was so fun! Thanks for tagging me!

Farmhousefive Art 4 Kids said...

Fun fact about having your photo taken with Sarah Palin! Will you post it?? ;0)

Colleen said...

Nice list!

Tickled Pink And Green said...

Post your Sarah pic!!!!

I love Sonic ice too. And I HAVE to have fountain diet coke. There's a mexican food restaurant here that is really popular and my daughter loves it, but they serve you a can and a glass of ice and I just won't do it.

Rhea said...

Alright, girlfriend, I did it! I just posted my tagged info. :o)

Michelle said...

I'm with you and "eh".
I LOVE McDonald's coke and Sonic ice! Why can't McDonalds get with the program and get the cool ice??? LOL

Love your blog, btw!