Sunday, October 5, 2008

I Would Like to Thank

Mojito Maven...for bestowing on Mongoram Chick the BFF Gold Credit Card Award.

Nina...for the fantastic Kreativ Blogger Award {that she, by the way, made *shine* by using all of her "Kreativ" juices to redesign it}

Monogrammed Teacher...for not just one, but two thoughtful awards, The Smile Award, and the MT created (in true teacher fashion, which we all know I can appreciate since I was also apple clad for years), The A+ Blogger Award.

Thank you, wonderful ladies. Seriously, I am honored to have recieved these awards. Espcially from bloggers whom I stalk adore! If you've not been to their blogs and added them as your daily reads--you must!

The Kreative Blogger Award requires that you list 6 things that make you happy and pass it on to 6 other bloggers. I will pass along to just one, but here is my list of 6 "happies".

1. Spending time with my family & friends

2. Fall weather

3. Shopping

4. Baking and trying new recipes

5. Traveling with my husband

6. My dog, Bailey

I would like to give Mongorammed Teacher the Kreativ Blogger Award. You are awesome and I know we are kindred spirits!


I am pretty sure that most of Blog-land has received the first 3 awards however, since the A+ Award is new, I will pass it along. The rules state you are to pass it to two other fabulous bloggers, but I tend to live on the edge and break a few rules (not really, but I sometimes wish I did) and am going to pass it onto a few more than two (hope that is ok MT)!

In my mind the A+ Blogger Award goes to:

A newer blog friend: A Belle and her Beau

A girl whom I love and wish I knew in real life: Nina

A chick that rocks my world: Rhea

A prepster that's got it all together: Southern Prep

Here are the rules for passing the along this prestigious award...

1. You should pay it forward to 2 other blogger and let them know they won

2. You should give them a compliment

3. You should thank your giver

4. You should post your award for the world to see!

Happy Sunday Y'all!


Wearing Mascara said...

Wow! Congrats on all your awards! You deserve them :-) I love your blog!

Anonymous said...

AWWW Thank U Thank U Thank U! You're the Best & lots of love to u too! And, I agree I know we would be the best of friends in real-life!! I'm on the road now... but will be sure to extend the love when I'm back at the computer. xoxo

Self Confessed Lamp Tramp said...

You are so sweet! Happy awards to all your recipients and readers! Have a wonderful Sunday!

Rhea said...

Look at you bringing in all those awards! Awesome!! You totally deserve them.

And, a huge thank you for passing them along! You're so sweet! That's a new award for me, thank you!

Mojito Maven said...

Congrats on your awards! You totally deserve them!

Randall said...

Great things on that list!

I just purchased two spa wraps for my and my matron of honor for the morning of my wedding... thanks for offering such darling products. I can't wait to see the final result!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog-Come on back any time! (You and your sister are the cutest things!) I LOVE anything monogramed-you are a girl after my heart! My boys don't find it so "cute"-I monogramed their football bags this weekend! I think they both said, "MOM! That is too girly!" Oh well. I will monogram something else soon...

May I use the A+ award for future use? I will not without your permission-but as a former first grade teacher-it is just too adorable!

LyndsAU said...

All those awards... you must be mightly popular, as your should be! :) Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Thank you again MC, for the award! Stop by my blog when you get a chance... there is a post just for you! And, btw, your comments you leave me always make my day!!