Tuesday, January 18, 2011

the snow is melting but it is still chilly

Today's high here in the southeast is 52...that is a far cry better than last weeks highs in the 20s!  We shoveled the sidewalk at Dr. Chick's office last week with our garden tools.  When we finished chipping away the ice and had put salt down I reflected on the joy I felt when we packed that moving truck in Iowa just knowing that I would never have to shovel my walk again....ha.

With all this snow, we've heard all kinds of old wives tales about more snow coming; did you know that if the snow sticks on the ground for more than 3 days you're in for more?! 

52 degrees may be mild to some of you mid-western and northern chickadees but my super southern blood still thinks its cold and a coat and scarf are a do-no-leave-home-without.  Currently, I'm sporting my monogrammed scarf.  Khaki with a brown monogram, worn with my brown down jacket (laugh if you must, I'm ok with that). 

What's keeping you warm this winter?  Do you know any old wives tales about snow?  Or anything else for that matter?!


Hive for the Home said...

Ok, My great grandmotha said "honey, if it stays on the ground for three days it's comin' back!"...we shall see!

Anonymous said...

and can one of us chicks buy one of these scarves and have it mongrammed by MC??? :)