Wednesday, May 18, 2011

what do you think?

The much anticipated adult ruffle robes will be here at the end of the month...our waiting list is getting longer and longer!

I am contemplating adding child sized ruffle robes to Monogram Chick.   Monogrammed robes and wraps for adults among our top selling products however, not so much for kids.  I'd love your feedback....what do y'all think about a child's size ruffle robe hitting the MC site?  Price would be around $33 monogrammed.  

Any and all input from my chickadees is much appreciated!


EH said...

LOVE THESE ROBES!!! I have looked everywhere for a robe for my four year old and could find nothing I liked. Definately recommend and the price with monogram is great!

Michelle C. Scanzano, Creator said...

YES! I would love to order one for my daughter! I was just looking at your site for one....great gift idea and very useful! Thanks!