Wednesday, April 27, 2011

update on the teaser

Last week {I think, who knows, the days & weeks are running together} I snapped a quick photo of the massive amounts of paint we'd purchased and told y'all I'd give you an update soon.

I wish I had great before and after pictures to share, but not yet.   My house need not look like a construction zone for it's debut.  I am super excited to be painting the interior of our house (literally all of it...even the laundry room and it's trim).  I can't decide if I love my aqua island (swoon), the new magnetic chalkboard that Dr. Chick framed out on the back of a wall of cabinets that divides our prep area from our eating area in the kitchen or the fact that now all of the ends of my cabinets and the island are framed out with beadboard panels (thanks again to Dr. Chick--who is quite the trim carpenter!).

Pretty sure, we're going on 2 weeks worth of late night painting and cutting, but it is coming together!  Tonight we're putting the cabinet doors back on their bases (I can't wait to stop looking at my un-orderly tupperware--which begs for organization:  another project for another week.) and I plan to paint the trim in the dining room and kitchen.

Last weekend we called in reinforcements.  Kiki, Coco, Parker, my Mom & Dad ventured to VR for paint-a-palooza.  Without them I'd still be sanding cabinet doors and they would not be covered in 2 coats of oil based enamel.  While here, we ventured into the studio and I snapped a couple pictures of Master P exploring.

My goal for this weekend is to paint the rest of the trim in the main part of the house and get after my laundry room (a lighter shade of aqua than the island!!)  i'll be sans the extra hands but think we'll make quick work of it!

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Lisa Rusczyk said...

I hope you accomplish you goal!