Friday, April 8, 2011


Happy Friday Chickadees!
We all know that there are so many group buying "events" out there. My inbox is full of emails each morning touting all the savings that are meant to be had.  Often, if the subject line isn't catching, I hit delete.  This morning, when I opened my inbox GroopDealz cought my eye.

I love to find a good deal and share a good deal.  If you don't know about GroopDealz, they are a site similar to Groupon however, they promote handmade (much like etsy...just in Groupon format).
I have a ruffle camera strap on my Rebel and get so many questions/compliments about it.  Mine was an etsy purchase about 2 years ago from a shop called EclecticWhatNot. Today, GroopDealz has ruffled camera straps at a great savings {$20 for a $33 value}!  These are super cute and such a great deal!  What a great opportunity to add a little "ta-da" to your camera strap!

That's it for today, chicks, just sharing the love.  Have a great weekend!


Marci @ All Things Wonderful said...

Oh, Thanks for sharing!

Bourg Family said...

Just be careful. I've ordered from there twice & both times it took my strap at least 2 maybe 3 months to arrive because it got "lost" in the mail. Same thing happened to my aunt.