Thursday, April 14, 2011

Baked Banana Oatmeal

It is no secret that when I'm not stitching I love to be in the kitchen.  It is cathartic.  When I'm stressed, my first choice of places to be is the kitchen.  Something about following a recipe and creating something leaves me feeling a little less up-tight.  While I wasn't stressed the other morning, I was in the mood for a delicous breakfast.  Anytime banana's and oatmeal are involved, it is considered a delicous breakfast in my book.

I came across Kath Eats Real Food.  Kath and I share a love for oatmeal.  Kath is a WAY BETTER blogger & posts multiple times a day with fantastic photos and delicious looking recipes.  One particular recipe caught my eye and I knew I had to try it.  Baked Banana Oatmeal.  <---Here is the link to the recipe, I won't give it here so as to entice you to comb through Kath's page and find treasures for yourself.  I will, however, give a little photo re-cap of my baking of the oatmeal.  {I did not decide that this was a blog event until well into the process, so the pics are not step by step}

  I decided a little late in the game to document this.  The above pic is midway through baking.

I pink, puffy heart our ipad, especially in the kitchen.  It is so handy for recipes!  I was able to follow Kath's excellent directions very easily thanks to my digital friend.

Towards the end of baking the oatmeal, the recipe says to add a "heaping tablespoon" of brown sugar and then broil.  What do y'all think?  Is this heaping enough!?

Straight out of the oven, with caramelized sugar on top....thanks to my heaping tablespoon of brown sugar.

I enjoyed the yummy-ness with coffee (of course).  A few notes....I only had frozen bananas.  They were kinda soft and mushy when trying to layer them on the top and bottom but I think they turned out okay after baking.  Also, I used Almond Milk since that is what we keep on hand, and I think that with real milk the taste/texture may have been a bit better.  Overall, this was super tasty and something I'll be making again.  I did re-heat it for consumption later in the week and definitely think it is better fresh from the oven but was a delicious and easy to grab on my way to the studio.
While you're on her site, check out here giveaway!  Kath is giving away a VitaMix.  I haven't posted about my adoration for my VitaMix but trust me, y''ll want to enter.  I use mine just about everyday and lurve it...almost as much as Tory Burch revas!

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