Friday, February 24, 2012

Easy Breezy Cinnamon Roll "Cups"

As much as I don't want to admit this, I've become a real adult.  I've been a pseudo-adult; the pay my taxes & insurance kind of adult, for quite some time now.   But I've crossed over, entered adulthood in a real, official, get up early on the weekend kind of way.  Those of you with mini's are scoffing right now, you're no strangers to pre-dawn Saturday mornings, but hang with me.

Just because my internal alarm goes off before 7 o'clock every-freaking-day-of-the-week does not mean that I'm turning into a morning person.  I struggle to make these early hours my finest.  It does mean that Saturday mornings necessitate breakfast.  Previously, not a meal I typically visited on Saturdays.  I was much more of a late brunch kind of chick.   Since I can be found shuffling around the house with one eye half open, breakfast is best when made easy.

Enter my friends Pillsbury and Demarle.  It is no secret I'm a snob when it comes to the kitchen, I like nice kitchen tools, judge me, I'm okay with that.  You don't have to be a kitchen snob to make these tasty little "cups" you can use your metal muffin pans.  You could probably even add cute little mini muffin cup liners and be way cuter than me.  I'm okay with that too.

To make these super easy Cinnamon Roll "Cups" cut each cinnamon roll in half and press into the mini muffin wells.  I baked mine for around 8ish minutes.  I'm a glutton for punishment so I popped those fiery hot little cups out immediately and slathered on the icing.   They were delish as I lingered over them along with my coffee and Pinterest early one Saturday morning.

Much like a real adult might do.

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