Monday, August 24, 2009

Sister Chick joins us in blog-land!

Y'all I'm downright giddy! After at least a year of prodding and downright nagging my sister has finally joined us in the blogosphere. She has been an avid reader of blogs and devoutly follows many great bloggers, reading daily. I am so excited that she has now joined us by starting her own blog: Life with Kiki and Coco. Go check her out, she is not only my sister and my best friend but she is what she says she is: slightly neurotic and type-a. I know her blog will be full of great stuff....go read, go follow and tell her I sent ya!

As a side note, my sister is definitely a creature of habit and change is certainly not her gig....except when it comes to her name. You see, she grew up as "Katie". I remember vividly the conversation we had as we drove through Ocala, Florida on our way to Birmingham, for her Freshman orientation. It was just us in the car and she said "should I go by Kate or Katherine when I get to Samford?" I was blown away, her name is Katie--but it didn't stick. Neither her husband nor any of her college friends call her Katie. Then, not too long ago she made the announcement that when Dr. Chick and I have children she wants them to call her Aunt Kiki. Kiki has stuck, it is her newest nickname and the name of her latest adventure--her blog!


Kiki said...

Thank you sister! I am excited about my new adventure!

Bacardi Mama said...

I'm heading over.

Rachel H. said...

I'll check her out!!