Thursday, July 3, 2008


Ok, so we all make mistakes...and this time you get to benefit from my boo-boo!
I stitched this bag today for a sweet bride but put the "j" on the wrong side and stitched the pocket closed. So, if you don't mind a bag that looks great on the outside but doesn't have a pocket on the inside this bag is all yours. Simply leave a comment telling me about one of your "uh-ohs". The one who can razzle-dazzle me with your best blonde moment mistake will earn this fabulous monogrammed zippered tote for F-R-E-E! What could be better than a freebie on the fourth?!

Winner will be chosen Saturday night.


Toni said...

Ah! I work in a newsroom and I needed to send the list of news items to the printer, we have many of them, and needed it printed on just regular 8x10 paper. I took off to break and came back and for the next week was the talk of the room. I had sent it to be printed alrighty! on the HUGE FILM that gets sent to be turned to actual news pages. So they taped it up on the dividing glass wall for everyone to see and the mocking began! I've worked there 8 years...that's why they thought it was so funny!
Now I don't necessarily need a new bag, my son's name is Jeremy, but I hopped over here from Daphne J's site, so if I'm a winner, I say send it to her!! Hugs!

Haasiegirl said...

dang, I wish my name started w/ a J! Do you have an Cs or Ts laying around? LOL! ADORABLE BLOG!


Rachel said...

super cute bag! i really need a new diaper bag (since mine is six years old and just awful) AND all my little boys names start with "J" so it would be perfect! I have to tell an embarrassing story now. . .so many to choose from. . .

when i was in junior high i came out of school to see our family mini-van. i opened the door, jumped in and buckled up. it wasn't until i said "hey mom!" that i looked around to find that this was NOT our van. the people in the van were just staring at me wondering who i was and why i had gotten into their van. i giggled awkwardly, unbuckled and quickly excused myself.

moral: check the license plate before you get into a car. there are a LOT that look alike out there!

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

OK, I am Jennifer, so the bag works for me.

Where should I start?

I put Spic and Span in the DOES NOT clean more than floors.

I had my preschooler's PBK backback caribeaner attached to the back of my hair during an 8 hour seminar and I was sitting IN THE FRONT ROW.

I wet my pants (dress) the night of my Rehearsal Dinner. Bye Bye Lilly dress.

I wore a black and multi striped tankini top for a week at the beach...with a navy bottom.

I passed out when I went to deliver my 1st son via c-section...when the nurse came into to shave me.

How's that?

Boo and Hooties Mom said...

Let's name begins with an "M" but I would love the bag for my sister "Jean"!!!! She would think I was so sweet!
I have made so many uh-oh's..too many to count! The absolute worst personal mistake I have ever made was when I accidentially used preperation H instead of toothpaste.....honestly...I do not recommend it. On the crafty side of mistakes....tons...and it doesn't help that I am a perfectionist so everything takes longer!!!!!!!!!! Love the post even if I don't win!!!:)

Monogram said...

Please pick me…my last name starts with ‘J’!! My biggest blonde moment would be flying out of the country…and upon getting to the airport I realized I forgot my passport at the house!! Thank goodness my flight was delayed! 