Tuesday, July 1, 2008

We've Added Stationery!

Monogram Chick started with stationery so I guess you could say we are going back to our roots however, to be fair, we never really left them. Although the website has not had stationery the bookshelves in the studio are bursting at the seams with fabulous paper goods! So, don't be surprised if each day you see more paper being added. To start, we've added paper products by Embossed Graphics. Those of you that are familiar with this exceptional line know that their paper is super high quality and affordably priced. Below are just a few of the great items that we've already added to Monogram Chick. Check often for other great designers!

Every prep should correspond with her closest friends with nothing less than this super thick card stock which boasts a classic monogram. Chose from white, ivory, pink or blue card stock and many different ink colors. ($39.95 for 50 cards and matching envelopes)

This Agenda Set is a great gift for the preppy man in your life or for yourself and for only $24.00 you get the acrylic holder and 300 sheets! White paper can be personalized in an array of different ink colors--fuschia for you, navy for him!

Give those adorable monogrammed gifts in style with a monogrammed enclosure card. What is even better about these foldover enclosures is that you get to chose between white, ivory, pink or blue paper! Why not make it fun with fuschia or aqua ink or keep it classic with navy or black ink. ($25 for 50 cards and envelopes)


Daphne said...

OMGosh....Love this!!!
The last is my favorite!
You must stop posting all your cuteness!!!!

Prep in the country said...

I love these lines. What true prep can ignore stationery. The colours sound fun but I love the ivory with plain black ink so classy. You can never go wrong with the classic style. Looking forward to seeing more products in the future.

Lauren said...

I am glad you all are carrying Embossed Graphics. I used their stationary when I got married because it was cost effective (I sent out 150+ thank yous) and still looked nice.

Enjoy your weekend!

Preppy Engineer said...

I LOVE stationery! How exciting.

Anonymous said...

I just learned today (in a leadership seminar of sorts) that a simple card with your monogram on the front is the proper, business etiquette-approved way to send thank you's and other such correspondence (just say no to cards with THANK YOU stamped across the front).

Looks like I'll be ordering myself some stationery from Monogram Chick!