Tuesday, February 8, 2011

blog trolling

i'm a blog junkie.  laundry piles up around me while i pour through the lives of others as written on the internets.  it is somewhat cathartic, i think.  i am especially excited when i find fabulous new weblogs that speak to my heart.  it is funny how God uses the writings of others and their life experiences to teach me and mold me.  lately, i have been engrossed in 3 new blogs.   the women {and their families}who write these diaries are amazing.  simply...amazing.  i pray that i am more like them each day; that i would be as faithful to live this life He has given me as they are, praising him for the highs and lows.
i will list the three below and let you click and read because i am sure that any description that i give will be grossly inadequate. 

what blogs are you loving right now?  i always enjoy new reading material and there is always room for just one more on my ever expanding list.

i wish i were a little more tech savvy--my goal was to have the above image clickable so that you could click on the screen shot of each of the blogs and be directed there...that was a big, fat fail.  i will figure it out, i'm determined.


Virginia said...

Love those blogs! I have a weakness too..since starting with my blog I can't stop! There are just so many cute posts out there waiting for me to read them! :) Virginia


LWH said...

Life{in}Grace is one of my favorite blogs, and it's been heartbreaking to follow the loss of their home just before Christmas. Edie's attitude and sheer GRACE throughout it all has been an inspiration.


Cheryl E. said...

I totally know what you mean! I get in this blog trance and lose track of time! Its horrible but I love it :)

Today's Letters said...

sarah, humbled to be included with life in grace and the simple wife.

Kelly said...

I am totally a blog junkie as well! These are great ones to follow!