Monday, February 7, 2011

ffc stands for ... flav's fried chicken

Alright chickadees, most of you know that I did my time in the midwest....Iowa to be specific.  Iowa City, Iowa to be more specific.  The total population of the entire state of Iowa is close to 3 million, the population of the metro area of Atlanta is something like 6 million. (all you fact checkers and number geeks can check my deets)  I find it interesting, in light of those statistics, that Flavor Flav choose Clinton, Iowa (yes. yes, you certainly did read that right Flavor Flav & Clinton, Iowa) as home to his newest business endeavor....restaurateur. Guess no one told him that they eat pork and corn in Iowa....

Next time we're in Iowa, we're making a visit, kay, Dr. Chick?
Does anyone else find this absolutely hilarious?  Check out the full story here.

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