Monday, February 28, 2011

gulley washer

Dr. Chick had the sweetest neighbor while he was in dental school.  Edith was about 75 at the time and very active.  She mowed her own lawn, tended to her tomatoes, went to Home Depot and the grocery store weekly as well as had her hair done each Thursday.
It is tradition to spend the July 4th week in Hilton Head Island with Dr. Chick's family.  Edith would collect his mail and keep an eye on things while he was away.  One particular spring we had painstakingly filled his yard (by shovel and wheelbarrow) with 4 dump truck loads of dirt and then sodded the new yard.  Edith kept track of the rain that July 4th week.  One day she had written "Gulley Washer!" next her measurement in inches of rain.  I'd never heard of a gulley washer and thought it was the cutest thing ever.  Since then, we always call big rain storms gulley washers.  Edith is the best and now looks after Dr. Chick's younger sister in the same townhouse.

I think we're in for a Gulley Washer this afternoon in the West Georgia Area.

Good thing I've got my new monogrammed umbrella!  Won't I be cute with my wellies and preppy little rain deflector?!

April Showers will be here sooner than we know it.  Make sure you're ready with your personalized umbrella.


katelyn w said...

My grandfather always calls it a Gulley Washer too! I had never heard anyone else say it!

Stay dry!

i suwannee said...

love that! such a great idea!