Tuesday, February 1, 2011

gone to the dogs

Its no secret that we here at the Monogram Chick studio love our fur baby, Bailey.  He has been by our side many a day and night as we feverishly stitch, wrap and ship across the country.  It is about time that we do a little something for him.  I am so excited that we added pet water bottles!  Seriously, pet water bottles.  Just like the hamster water bottles with the little ball that releases water when they lick it.  They are too cool and too cute with a paw print and puppy's name.  Bailey couldn't wait to test it out.

The Monogram Chick mascot, Bailey, is a miniature Australian Shepherd...what kind of four legged child do you have?

1 comment:

Ms. Attitude said...

I love these! I must get me one. I have 2 Jack Russells who love to lick, so I think this will be perfect for them.